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The A series is Wivia's smallest model. It is a low cost, high productivity machine for simple parts. Due to the short travel distances, it is extremely fast and very accessible. The machine can be converted from swiss type lathe to a chuck type lathe.

Wivia A series


The I series was built on the basis of the V series. In addition to all the equipment that the V series has, the I series also has a full B-axis.
With the I-Series you can machine up to 5 axes simultaneously.

Wivia I series


The V-series not only impresses with the possibility of converting the machine from swiss to chuck type lathes, but also with a much more stable and significantly higher machine bed
Machining performance thanks to greater drive power. Optionally also with a rotary hydrailic cylinder for even more stability when clamping. Powerful. Precise. Stable. The ideal machine for complex parts and materials that are difficult to machine.

Wivia V series


With the W series, we offer you one of the strongest Swiss-type lathes on the market. Thanks to the stable machine bed and the strong spindles, there are almost no limits to production. Special tool holders enable a variety of possibilities. Fast powered tools with 2.5 kW give you the performance you need.
The W series has spindle cooling for the main and counter spindles, as well as hydraulic clamping with hollow clamping cylinders for optimal use of performance.
With the SW-50 we can even turn lathes up to 50mm

Wivia W series

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